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Exdev is a privately-held commercial real estate development company specializing in mixed-use, hotel, industrial, retail, and office projects across the United States.

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About us

Exdev develops institutional-grade commercial real estate projects

Get to know us

In our 30+ years of operation, we have developed 3 million square feet of commercial real estate including hotels, retail power centers, office complexes, warehouses, and more. As it has always been, our aim is to develop projects that benefit both our partners and local communities.

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Invest in commercial real estate

Several times a year, Exdev opens its institutional-grade projects to Accredited Investors, providing them with a world class investment experience.


Benefits of investing with Exdev


Front-row reporting

We report every profit-generating event directly to you through a variety of immersive media updates. Exdev is committed to transparency.

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Direct-to-developer investing

At Exdev, we only raise capital for our own projects. With our own equity on the line, our goals are aligned with our investors’.

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Seamless digital experience

Your entire investment experience is handled online from digital site visits to investment onboarding and management.

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Grow your real estate portfolio with Exdev today!

Join Exdev today – it only takes 1 minute to register.


Never miss a profit-generating event with front-row reporting

When we decided to open our projects to Accredited Investors, we made a commitment to transparency. As we reviewed other private investment experiences, we found that most private equity investment experiences are blackbox systems where investors input money, wait in uncertainty with little to no feedback, and eventually receive distributions. At Exdev, we believe sophisticated investors deserve better, so we developed a reporting system to replace the black box with a glass box. We call this system: front-row reporting.

Video Reports

Watch your money at work with comprehensive video reports.

Weekly Updates

Tune in to the pulse of your project with weekly photo and video updates.

Progress Tracking

Review the roadmap and its milestones with progress tracking.

Quarterly Reports

See the big picture with quarterly reports.

Illustrative product experience, does not represent specific assets being offered

Direct-to-developer investing

Leverage decades of experience with experts whose goals align with yours

  • Access institutional-grade projects
  • True passive investment
  • Exdev does all the work
  • No headaches

Let Exdev do the heavy lifting

Institutional-grade projects require extensive networks in both the commercial real estate industry and government, along with a proven track record in the development process. When you invest with Exdev, you delegate the decades of experience required to access these projects and direct your money to work for you immediately.


Invest at the source

Exdev removes the layers between investors and their investments. We believe investors should have direct access to the developer and their investment project. When you invest with Exdev, you skip the middleman and invest at the source.

Aligned goals

Crowdfunding websites’ and brokers’ business models typically focus on fees rather than individual project performance. At Exdev, we only raise capital for our own projects. Exdev’s financial performance is dependent on the success of the projects offered to you, which we believe aligns our goals with yours.

Reduced fees

Unlike REIT’s and crowdfunding websites, Exdev does not charge capital management nor platform-listing fees.


Illustrative investment experience, does not represent specific investment terms being offered

Direct access to development team

When you have questions about your project, we connect you with our development and construction managers rather than customer service representatives.

Unfiltered project information

Exdev speaks directly to you. We believe direct communication with investors ensures the accuracy of investment and project information.


Seamless Digital Experience

Access 3 million square feet of real estate in the palm of your hand

Rapid Prospecting Tools

Get up to speed on Exdev projects as quickly as possible.

Digital Site Visit

Visit the project and get to know the local area from whereever you are.

Easy Investment Management

Manage your entire investment experience online.

Illustrative product experience, does not represent specific assets being offered

The Exdev Difference

We believe sophisticated investors deserve better

Crowdfunding Sites
Other Developer Syndications

Institutional-Quality Projects

Access exclusive opportunities typically reserved for institutional investors

Simple Modern Digital Experience

Discover, research, place, and track your investment online.

No Middleman

Developers have skin in the game. We only win when you win.

No Capital Management Fees

We focus on rental income and appreciation, not capital management fees.

Information Asymmetry Mitigation

Our reporting goes above and beyond placing you in our shoes every week.

Front-Row Seats to Your Investment

We light up the scoreboard updating you on average 1+ times per week.

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    Request access

    Complete a short registration form to determine if you are eligible for Exdev’s investment opportunities.

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    Select and invest

    Complete your investment online with priviledged access to Exdev’s investment opportunities.

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    Track your investment

    Enjoy your front row seat to your investment project. You won’t miss one value-add event.

How it works

It's easy

We’ve built a simple, intuitive investment process that will give you clarity at each step of the way. Sign up today to learn more.

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