2020 – September 25

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Written by: Donna Soumphonphakdy, Sales Director of TownePlace Suites by Marriott Ontario Chino Hills

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The Perfect Staycation In Southern California

A Great Place To Be! Chino Hills is well known for is high quality of life and beautiful rural atmosphere. The community has a population of 84,364, boasts 3,000 acres of publicly-owned open space, 44 parks and 48 miles of trails, (sources from Chinohills.org) The local attractions in Chino Hills seem to be endless with various activities for any traveler or local visitor. With nearly a 31 mile stretch of grassy hills, from the Santa Ana Mountains to the Whittier Hills it’s no wonder campers come to Chino Hills State Park to explore the trails, wildlife and beautiful scenery.

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The Rise Of Whisper Listings

Whisper listings or pocket listings, in which residential properties are sold for a selected pool of buyers, are well-known private home sales methods. Without public listings, whisper listings provide privacy for the sellers who hope to sell their homes for the slightest notice of strangers. This type of listings has existed for years; however, it has increased the burden on the housing situation.

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Renter Majority Exceeds 100 Suburbs Across 50 Largest Metros In The US

There has been a dramatic and unexpected transformation in places (that was) once was a homeownership emblem of the US. According to RentCafe's newest report, renter-majority areas have surged significantly over the past 10 years. Specifically, 103 suburbs, mostly around major metros such as Washington D.C, Miami, and Los Angeles are dominated by renters.

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